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Eric N. Horowitz

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I always enjoyed cartoons, watching Looney Toons with my dad or on my own, there was something about them that fascinated me. Finding out one man did all the character voices was an revelation. To discover there are actors who just use their voice to make you happy?  This was it, this is what I wanted to do! How do I pursue this here in Philadelphia? I attended school for film/tv production and in 2000 I moved out to Los Angeles. It never dawned on me to look for voice over classes. Yeah I know.

When I moved back to Philadelphia in 2007, I found voice over classes and I completed them in no time.  I wanted more! I watched YouTube and listened to podcasts. I was getting a little antsy with voiceover.  One day I was listening to Rob Paulsen's podcast, Talkin' Toons, and Steve Blum was a guest and said his infamous line from Toonami, "Fall down 7 times get up 8".


I immediately researched Steve Blum and instantly put a name to the voices I already knew. When he launched Blumvox Studios it changed my life in so many ways.

He became my teacher, my coach and a true mentor, also my kids adore him. I learned so much about voice over from his classes. Through his classes, I found my current coach, mentor, and friend, Richard Tatum.  It is very important to find someone you mesh well with and Richard is that individual. 

The Potchki Audio Chronicles

This scripted podcast was created by me and my lifelong friend Rob A. Palmer.
Potchki started as a movie back in 2000 and over twenty years later we brought Detective Lester Potchki and his world back as a scripted comedy podcast. 

The amazing cast is chock full of talented voice over friends I met through Blumvox Studios. 
We are currently working on season 2 and had our very first voiceover panel at the 2022 FanExpo in Philadelphia.


Bubba Brewski's World

Bubba is a journey man that lives in the woods in the suburbs just outside of Philadelphia. He is a man of nature, food, and beer. He wants nothing else but to be friends with everyone and meet interesting folks as he wanders through life. 

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Home Studio Specs:

sE2200 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Mic
Rode NTG-3B Shotgun Condenser Mic
Aston Origin Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic

Solid State Logic SSL2 Audio Interface

DAW Twisted Wave

Room tone
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